Cow's Milk Cheeses

Saint Agur:
One of our house favorites. This double cream blue cheese from the Auvergne region of France offers great depth of flavor and spiciness of the blueing. You are left with a creamy finish that leaves you wanting more.

Tête de Moine:
This cheese from Switzerland has a similar flavor profile to a young Gruyère. What sets this cheese apart is the way it is served. We place the small wheel on a Girolle and shave thin ribbons of cheese off the top. The ribbons look similar to a Chanterelle mushroom and the thin shavings allow the cheese to melt on the palate releasing its vast and compelling complex flavors.

A French, AOC approved cow's milk cheese made in Maroilles, a small village in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region of Northern France. A recipe born at the hands of the monks, Maroilles is one of the oldest cheeses produced in France. This cow's milk, washed rind flavor becomes robust with age. It is a full flavored cheese with a pungent aroma and earthy palate.

Great Hill Blue:
A raw milk, non-homogenized cow milk blue cheese that is fabulously creamy, rich and slightly piquant from Marion, Mass.

Raw cow’s milk aged between one and two months, full of flavor and one of our favorite “stories” on the cart. The Shepard’s of the Franche-Comté hiking up the steep terrain would separate the morning milk from the evening milk with a tasteless layer of ash to avoid the possibility of wasting the excess curd. An oft-requested cheese, Morbier will always have a home on our cart.

From Burgundy, France and produced by Berthaut, a name synonymous with Epoisses. Berthaut makes this wonderful, lesser known washed rind, raw cow's milk cheese with all of the same traits as its famed Epoisses, with the exception of the wash. Affidelice is washed with Chablis wine which creates a slightly sweet, more gentle palate in the finish that delights all "stinky" cheese lovers and lures those that dare to taste what the smell questions.

This washed rind, raw milk cheese from West Cork, Ireland is an incredibly flavorful cheese that surrounds the palate with the strong flavors inherent to the washed rind characteristic. The cheese also surprises our palate with an unusual sweetness and saltiness all at the same time. The cheese maker Jeffa Gill offers us a "well rounded" cheese with intense character. A surprising feat for someone with a background in fashion design.

Brillat Savarin:
From Normandy, France, not more than 2 to 3 weeks old, we call this the "ice cream cheese". It is made by adding hot cream straight into the curd in order to raise the fat content to a whopping 78% (75% being the minimum requirement for a triple crème)!! Named after the famed chemist and author of the ' Physiology of Taste', it is a favorite of all decadent food lovers.

Pleasant Ridge Gruyere:
Produced with milk provided from cows living in a rotating pasture routine, grazing on fresh grass of the Spring and living a great life! This raw milk reserve is aged about one year. Deep layers of long lasting flavor, and a natural honey-comb color helped convince the panel members of the American Cheese Society to name this the Best of Show for 2001.

cow/ raw milk/ between one and two months old, usually - full of flavor and great stories to entertain us - from the morning and evening milk being separated by the notorious layer of ash in the center to the possibility of excess curd being saved from waste in the making of Comte by turning it into Morbier. An often requested cheese by name, Morbier will alway have a home on the cheese cart.

Sheep's Milk Cheeses

Lamb Chopper:
Created by Cypress Grove in Arcata, CA. This cheese is made in a Gouda style. Cypress Grove actually travels to the land of Gouda, the Netherland to make this cheese. Aged in wax, the cheese retains its moisture with sweet, salty, nutty flavors; it does not last long on our carts.

Pecorino Sardo:
Only Sardinian sheep milk coming from the Island of Sardinia off the coast of Italy are used in the production of this cheese. The wild selection of wild flowers, grasses, herbs and flora of Sardinia sweeten the milk with a very distinctive Island flavor. Made in the style of a centuries old tradition, it opens a gateway to a much simpler and more personal approach to cheese making.

Goat's Milk Cheeses

Humboldt Fog:
Arguably the most well known goat cheese produced in California. This young (usually 1 and 2 months) snow white cheese has a distinctive layer of ash running through the middle of its form. From McKinleyville, California in Humboldt County this award winning cheese inspires even non-goat cheese lovers to taste and enjoy!

Produced in the Bordeaux region by an incredible affineur named Jean d'Alos and aged for about three months. This semi-soft creation is given a wondrous coat of herbs, much like Brin d'amour from Corsica. The herbs of the region on the coat of Herbiette include: thyme, savory, juniper, coriander, fennel and cayenne. Delicious!

From Catalonia, Spain. This semi-hard cheese is full of herbaceous flavors resulting from the wild herbs the goats feed on. This complex herbaceous palate pairs with a delicate creaminess that delights the palate. Though usually not more than 6 months old at most, this drier style cheese has intense depth of character that offers layer upon layer of flavors on the palate. Let it linger to enjoy the after taste.

***Our cart has a minimum of 15 cheeses a night, changes daily and offers a variety of raw and pasteurized cheese.