Vermont Shepard:
sheep/ anywhere from 4 to 6 months old - raw milk - one of the best cheeses coming out of Vermont (Putney, Vermont)- modeled after a French pyreenes style sheep mountain cheese due to the five months of study Cindy and David Majors undertook to perfect this sweet, nutty creation.

Great Hill Blue:
cow/ usually 10 months old - raw milk - non-homogenized - a fabulously creamy, rich, slightly piquant blue from Marion, Mass.

cow/between 2 to 4 months on our cart - usually raw milk- one of the oldest cheeses coming out of France from the Calais region -a full flavored, washed rind cheese born at the hands of monk in the northern town of Maroilles.

Montgomery's Cheddar:
cow/ between 1 1/2 to 2 years old - raw - "one of only a handful of Cheddar producers left in Britain who make raw milk farmhouse cheddar in the traditional way." Clothbound, so a little crumbly in texture with supreme nuttiness and a lasting, rich cheddar flavor on the palate.

Humboldt Fog:
goat/ pasteurized- usually betweeen 1 and 2 months-snow white interior with a distinctive layer of ash running through the middle of the cheese - from McKinleyville, California (Humboldt County).An award winning cheese that inspires even non-goat cheese lovers to taste and enjoy!

Roaring 40's:
cow/ blue cheese/ pasteurized - wax sealed to preserve the moisture content and to also limit the development of the blueing. This most popular cheese begins on the Island of Tasmania (Australia) where the diverse plant life offers up flavor unlike anything else in the world. It's name is derived from the 40th parallel that relies upon a wind pattern strong enough to give sailing ships a boost, but not so hard that shipwrecks result (a common occurrence over the past two hundred years, though infrequent today).

Pecorino Sardo:
sheep (only Sardinian sheep milk coming from the Island of Sardinia off the coast of Italy)/ raw milk/ anywhere between 4 and 12 months by the time it arrives here in the US, usually - The wild selection of wild flowers, grasses, herbs and flora sweeten the milk with a very distinctive Island flavor - made in the style of centuries - old tradition, it opens a gateway to a much simpler, much more personal approach to cheesemaking, which in turn complements the incredible flavor this hard cheese offers.

Brillat Savarin:
cow/ pasteurized for US consumption/ from Normandy, France- usually not more than 2 to 3 weeks old - This "ice cream cheese" is made by adding hot cream straight into the curd in order to raise the fat content to a whopping 78% (75% being the minimum requirement for a triple creme)!! Named after the famed author of the ' Physiology of Taste', it is a favorite of all decadent food lovers.

cow/ washed rind / raw milk/ from West Cork, Ireland - this incredibly flavorful cheese surrounds the palate with stronger flavors inherent to the washed rind characteristic, but with an unusual sweetnes and saltiness all at the same time. A remarkable offering from Jeffa Gill, the cheesemaker, whose background in fashion gives her "well rounded" cheese a little more character than one might expect. Though less pungent when young, after two months the developed flavor is more demanding of big red wine.

cow/ washed rind/ raw milk from Burgundy, France - Berthaut, a name synonymous withFrance's famousEpoisses, also makes this wonderful cheese with all of the same traits as Epoisses, but with a chablis wine wash in the finish. This distinction gives a slightly sweet, more gentle punch to the finish that delights all "stinky" cheese lovers.

cow/ raw milk/ between one and two months old, usually - full of flavor and great stories to entertain us - from the morning and evening milk being separated by the notorious layer of ash in the center to the possibility of excess curd being saved from waste in the making of Comte by turning it into Morbier. An often requested cheese by name, Morbier will alway have a home on the cheese cart.

goat/ raw/ from Nantes, France originally, but is then aged by an incredible affineur named Jean d'Alos in the Bordeaux region for about three months. This semi-soft creation is given a wondrous coat of herbs, much like Brin d'amour from Corsica - but with a different coat...the herbs include: thyme, savory, juniper, coriander, fennel and cayenne. Delicious!

goat/ pasteurized/ from Catalonia, Spain. This semi-hard cheese is full of herbacious flavors (resulting from the direct impact of the wild herbs many of the goats feed on ) paired with a delicate creaminess that delights the palate. Though usually not more than 6 months old at most, this drier style cheese has more depth of character than one might expect. A "must try".

cow/ raw/ ours is usually aged in the vicinity of two years. Mimolette is a visual wonder with it's cantaloupe appearance both in shape and interior color. It was created when King Louis XIV bannedthe import of Edamin the 17th century (Edam is from Holland). Louis felt that the French could do anything better than anyone else, even if it required forcing them to mimic a then French favorite. It worked. The texture is unlike anything else- hard, waxy, smoky, bacon-like sometimes with a hint of sweetness. The color is derived from a natural dye derived from a cousin to the annatto plant. Mmmm.

Pleasant Ridge Gruyere:
cow/ raw/ the reserve is aged just about one year - coming from milk that has been provided from cows living in a rotating pastureroutine - great life! Always fresh grass - always milk from the Spring and Summer milkings (the best milk) - and a dedicated caretaker. Super creamy, layers of long lasting flavor, and a natural honey-comb color helped convince the panel members of the American Cheese Society to name this the Best of Show for 2001.

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